AIA Automation becomes Excelpro

AIA Automation devient membre du groupe Excelpro

Multiplied Value

Excelpro provides comprehensive solutions in automation, manufacturing and industrial electrical, allowing our clients to simplify their operations, reduce costs and reach their objectives.

Excelpro, it’s a group of strengths and the strength of the group. It’s all the knowledge, talents and values, combined in a single energy. Excelpro, it’s to unite in a project with a common vision to generate not only added value, but multiplied value.


Viable and optimal solutions to help you achieve your objectives


Industrial electrical

Panel manufacturer


Proven expertise in several industries

Over the years, we have completed thousands of projects in various markets, and in every case, we have been able to make a difference by proposing improvements to increase client productivity. Our flexibility and our comprehensive expertise make us the perfect partner for your automation, IT industrial or safety machine projects.

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Consulting partner and value generator for your projects

Excelpro is the the largest player in control systems integration in Quebec and take charge of our clients' manufacturing projects without intermediaries.

The Excelpro Group's power comes from its multidisciplinary knowledge and skills, which allow us to generate multiplied value to our clients.

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Does shaping the future of the industrial manufacturing world interest you? We are always looking for the very best talent to enable our clients to transform their ideas into reality.

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