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Control System Modernizations

Over the last ten years, AIA Automation has worked, successfully, on many control system modernization projects.

The modernization of obsolete control systems towards new platforms constitutes a major portion of AIA Automation’s sales. The recycling of logics in existing control systems, the conversion of these into functional descriptions and the reprogramming of the logics in a standard form within the new platforms are part and parcel of the work for our control system modernization professionals.

The numerous modernization projects realized have permitted us to develop novel transfer strategies and programming validation tools that enhance the quality and functionality of the final product. The development of simulation tools which are used as much during the bench tests as during operator training is a fine example of this. Our offices are equipped with a testing labs containing obsolete equipment such as Bailey, Modicon and iFix in order for our team to test and validate their programming. The modernization of an existing control system requires added vigilance during the tests and each point must be meticulously validated and annotated. Along with a migration and test plan developed with the customer, these tools become essential to minimize risks, surprises and production losses when the new control system comes online.

By working in this fashion, AIA Automation has contributed to the successful modernization of a waste water treatment plant in Sherbrooke (Bailey Net90), the conversion of an ABB in a thermo mechanical pulping plant towards a new platform and a complete migration of a control system (NPCS) for water filtration plants (Aylmer, Hull, Gatineau, Buckingham) for the City of Gatineau. These different projects have all been done with no production losses caused by the control system upgrade.